Line 7 Fabric Boots

Author: George Tod


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Please note that Line 7 were taken over by Aigle around about 2000, so their boots are no longer available

Line 7 Fabric Boots after 1065 Miles

General view of Line 7 boot

Cracking at flexing point

Right boot has worn unevenly and leans to right.

Left boot remained level.

Wear and cracking of sole

GORE-TEX® lining worn through on right boot - left boot OK


Approximately £60 in 1995 (reduced from about £70)


Of all the boots I have ever worn, these have been the most comfortable right from the start. It helps that they were wide fitting, not too tight and suited to the shape of my feet. Without any extra insoles, these boots were comfortable on all sorts of terrain. They may not have given as much support and protection as some more solidly constructed boots, but this was a small price to pay for the general comfort.

This comfort, however, deteriorated after about 400 miles when I found that my heels were hurting after several miles of walking. This was caused by disintegration of the footbed and was only cured by slitting open the GORE-TEX® lining and filling all the hollow cavities with silicone bath sealant (for want of anything better to do). I also used the sealant to stick down the Gore-Tex where I had slit it and managed to retain much of the water resisant properties.

Water Resistance

These boots gave the impression of being very watertight at first, but I realised after some time that the water was actually penetrating the boot but not penetrating the GORE-TEX® lining. This was not a problem in moderately wet conditions, but in very wet conditions the boots tended to fill up with water in the hollows between sole and footbed and then took a very long time to dry out.


The sole had a less chunky tread than on most other walking boots. This was fine for walking in dry conditions, but gave somewhat less grip in soft mud. As the tread wore down this was more apparent. After a thousand miles the tread in the middle of the sole and back of the heels had worn virtually flat and cracks had started to appear in the soles, although not yet bad enough to let in water. The tread on most boots is fairly well worn out over this mileage, but some boots do manage to retain a bit more grip than these.

Wear on the uppers was less of a problem as most of it was superficial and did not cause any deterioration of the functioning of the boots.

The right boot seemed to wear unevenly, causing it to lean over to the right and hence my foot rubbed against the Gore-Tex lining more than normal causing it to wear right through. Whether this was caused by my walking unevenly, or by some tendency of the boot to lean over, I am not sure, but this has not tended to happen with other boots.

Good Points

Bad Points

General Assessment

Very good boots that gave me a lot of very comfortable and dry walking, marred only by the fact that I had to undertake some fairly major repairs less than half way through their life. In the end I got over a thousand miles of walking out of them, which is all I can really ask of them, so they served me very well.

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