Daisy Root Leather Boots

Author: George Tod


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Daisy Root Boots after 1140 Miles

General view of Daisy Root boot

Nut and bolt with washer inside, used to repair torn out lace hook

Wear to sole - very good for 1140 miles

Slight cracking of leather causing some water penetration


Approximately 50 in 1993


Comfort is the last word that comes to mind with these boots. Everything about them is unyielding, from the very tough leather of the uppers to the very solid plastic footbed. All this made the boots almost indestructible, but caused untold agonies, particularly on long walks. The leather padding around the ankles was still quite stiff despite liberal application of wax, and this caused me a lot of discomfort on my ankle bones, the uppers and footbed were so rigid that they didn't flex easily and this put further strain on the ankles. The solid footbed meant that all the weight was taken on small pressure points on the ball of the foot and the heel and this induced agony after a few days of continuous walking.

It is true that the latter problem could have been solved by the use of thick insoles but, unfortunately, the boots were rather narrow fitting and did not have enough room to accommodate these without making them tight on the foot - a problem which could have been picked up at the fitting and buying stage rather than when it was too late.

Water Resistance

These boots were reasonably watertight but never very good. I never found exactly where water entered, but I assumed it must have been through the stitching. Later in their life, some slight cracking of the leather where it flexed resulted in more water penetration, but this was reduced by liberal application of wax.


The soles still had a considerable amount of tread left after well over a thousand miles and the uppers were also in remarkably good condition even after using the boots for working. They are virtually indestructible.

Good Points

Bad Points

General Assessment

These boots seemed more suitable as working boots than walking boots as they offer very good foot protection - who needs steel toe-caps with leather as solid as this! For shorter walks, where the lack of comfort is not so noticeable, they could provide very long and reliable service and certainly provide very good value for money in terms of pounds per mile. However, for long distance walking I was heartily glad when I replaced them and could again walk in comfort. I still keep them as working boots and I am sure they will last me a long time in that capacity.

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