Hi Tec Fabric Boots

Author: George Tod


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Hi Tec Boots after 170 Miles

General view of Hi Tec boot

Some wear to sole


Approximately £35 in 1994


These boots were my first venture into fabric boots and I bought them, not so much as a replacement for my main walking boots, but as a more comfortable alternative to the Daisy Roots for summer use in dry conditions. They were a vast improvement for comfort, but not a serious walking boot in any other respect, although they did suit the purpose at the time. Because of their limitations, I have only worn them on limited occasions, so have not really been able to evaluate them over a high mileage.

Water Resistance

These boots lack the GORE-TEX® lining of more expensive fabric boots and also have a tongue which is not designed to keep out water in deep puddles. After a short time in wet grass it is apparent that water resistence is not one of their strong points, but for summer walking in reasonably dry conditions they are fine.


I have not done enough mileage in these boots to properly evaluate how well they would stand up to wear, but so far they have done quite well, although I doubt very much whether they would come into the thousand mile category, but they would brobably last for several hundred miles.

Good Points

Bad Points

General Assessment

Although these are sold as walking boots, they are not really suitable for serious walking in wet and boggy conditions. They are more akin to heavy duty trainers with a deeper tread, and as such, are only suitable for easy walking in fairly dry conditions. They did, however, prove to me how much more comfortable canvas boots could be and persuaded me to change to canvas boots next time I needed a new pair of main walking boots.

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