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Google Earth Download

Google Earth is available for FREE download from Because of the large volume of data downloaded when running Google Earth, it is only suitable for use with a fast internet connection such as broadband. It enables the user to zoom in to any part of the globe to view aerial photographs of the landscape in 3D. The imagery of most of the UK is of a high standard, though much depends upon the time of year when it was taken. Wales, much of which has recently been upgraded, is of a particularly high quality, having been taken in summer, whereas many parts of England have been photographed in winter, when the colours are less vibrant. Many remote parts of Scotland have only a low level of imagery, though this may be improved upon in time.

Mountain Tops of Wales

From the list of mountain tops over 2,000 ft in Wales, compiled by John and Anne Nuttall, I have produced a file, which can be opened in Google Earth, pinpointing all of the 190 summits. If you have installed Google Earth, just click on the file below to see all the mountain tops. Those over 3,000 ft are marked with white pins, those over 2,500 ft with yellow, and those over 2,000 ft with green.

Long Distance Walk Routes

When plotting out the route of a published walk, I have attempted to mark out the route shown in the guide book to the best of my ability. Where the route goes over open land with no clearly defined path, I have followed the nearest faint path that I can find, and, where nothing at all is visible, have just shown a straight line. I cannot vouch for total accuracy, but would be happy to receive any feedback about any mistakes that have been made. Please note that the walks have been split into convenient sections for display purposes only. It is not implied that these are suitable distances to walk in one day, though this may sometimes be the case. To perform a 'Fly-over' of the route, please read the Tips below.

Tips for using Google Earth


For those not very familiar with the facilities available within Google Earth, there is a lot of help available on their website, but the following are a few tips for use with these walking route files:

Walking Route Files

Flying over the Route

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Modifying or Adding Items

Saving Files and Closing Down

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