Colli Iaith - Losing Language

Elin Fflur

Cymraeg Down English
  Colli iaith a cholli urddas,   Losing language and losing dignity,
  Colli awen, colli barddas;   Losing muse and losing bardism,
  Colli coron aur cymdeithas   Losing the golden crown of society
  Ac yn eu lle cael bratiaith fas. Down And in its place a shallow debased language.
  Colli'r hen alawon persain,   Losing the old sweet-sounding strains,
  Colli'r corau'n diasbedain,   Losing the resounding choirs,
  Colli tannau'r delyn gywrain   Losing the harp's skilful strings
  Ac yn eu lle cael clebar brain. Down And in its place the clamour of crows.
  Colli crefydd, colli enaid,   Losing creed, losing soul
  Colli ffydd yr hen wroniaid;   Losing the faith of the old brave people,
  Colli popeth gln a thelaid   Losing everything pure and beautiful
  Ac yn eu lle cael baw a llaid. Down And in its place dirt and mud.
  Colli tir a cholli tyddyn,   Losing land and losing small-holdings,
  Colli Elan a Thryweryn;   Losing Elan and Tryweryn, (Note 1)
  Colli Claerwen a Llanwddyn   Losing Claerwen and Llanwyddyn (Note 2)
  A'r wlad i gyd dan ddwr llyn. Down And the whole country beneath a lake's water.
  Cael yn l o borth marwolaeth   Getting back from the door of death
  Gn a ffydd a bri yr heniaith;   A song and faith and respect for the old language;
  Cael yn l yr hen dreftadaeth   Getting back the old heritage
  A Chymru'n cychwyn ar ei hymdaith.   And Wales begins her own journey.
  Note 1.   The Elan and Tryweryn valleys were flooded to make reservoirs
      to supply water to Birmingham and Liverpool respectively.
  Note 2.   Claerwen was the last dam built in the Elan Valley and Llanwyddyn
      is a village lost under the waters of Lake Vyrnwy Reservoir to supply water to Liverpool.